New And Improved Watchmaker's Tool Kits

I am pleased to announce Build Your Own Watch is now partnering with the Cas-Ker Watchmaking and Jewelry Supply company for our new and improved tool kits!

build your own watch tool kits

Cas-Ker: A Cincinnati Watchmaking and Jewelry Supply Company

The Cas-Ker company was started in 1927 as the American and Swiss Watch & Supply Company. In 1937 the name was changed to its present form. The Cassady brothers who now own and operate the business represent the third generation of family ownership!

Cas-Ker is located with us here in Cincinnati, OH and we are thrilled to have a nearby company to work with us on our tool kits, and...

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Watchworks In Portland Oregon

Been Watch Shopping in Portland Lately?

I was, and I can tell you I had a fantastic experience at a local store called Watchworks. I was in Portland, Oregon enjoying the sights and celebrating my friend's 40th birthday when I decided to look up some watch shops. Why not? No sales tax in Portland!

watchworks store portland oregon Now before I go any further, I’m sure your thinking, 'Rick, you own a watch brand, you do know you shouldn’t tell people about the competition!' I have to believe if you have the disease of being a watch fanatic, and you’re willing to build a watch yourself, you probably own more than one watch!

I ...

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Verdin Bells & Clocks, Since 1842

Cincinnati is the home of the Verdin Clock Company.

I have driven past both the Verdin Clock Co. wharehouse an infinite number of times and don't know how I did not recognize the name. I discovered the company by admiring the municipal clocks all over Cincinnati; in admiring the clock's dial up close, squinting to see on the clock face to read, The Verdin Watch Co". I Google that to find that, that wharehouse literally down the street from me is the Verdin Clock Co.! Their making clocks and bells in there!

Every Cincinati Neighborhood in Cincinnati has a Verdin Clock

Like most cities Cincinn...

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Gruen Watch Co, The Original "Cincinnati Watch Company"

This Cincinnati Watch Company would like to thank and highlight The original Cincinnati watch company, "D. Gruen, Sons & Company" One of the first precision mechanical watch companies in the United States, The Gruen Watch Co built a World renown American watch guild known as Time Hill on East McMillan in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The most definitive article on the history and evolution of The Gruen Family found on the web, by Paul Schliesser

Gruen started in 1894 by Father & Son duo Dietrich & Fred Gruen. Later in 1898 joined by other son, Goerge.

1898 the company was offically relocated from Columbu...

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Federico Talks Watches Gives Away Branded Watch By Build Your Own Watch

Secrete. You can still use the code "FEDERICO" at checkout on the Build Your Own Watch website and receive $10 off anything over $100 dollars.

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Federico Talks Watches Series One Review

Federico of Federico Talks Watches reviews quality watches every day. With a growing fan base of over 32,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel we were elated to have Federico review the Build Your Own Watch Series 1. Enjoy.

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Rose Engine Lathe Hand Engraved Rotor

Custom Hand Engraved Rotor by Engraving artist Michael Dorsa using a Rose Engine Lathe.

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