Cincinnati is the home of the Verdin Clock Company.

I have driven past both the Verdin Clock Co. wharehouse an infinite number of times and don't know how I did not recognize the name. I discovered the company by admiring the municipal clocks all over Cincinnati; in admiring the clock's dial up close, squinting to see on the clock face to read, The Verdin Watch Co". I Google that to find that, that wharehouse literally down the street from me is the Verdin Clock Co.! Their making clocks and bells in there!

Every Cincinati Neighborhood in Cincinnati has a Verdin Clock

Like most cities Cincinnati is made up many municipalities and smaller cities within the city. Walnut Hills, Madison, Oakley, Hyde Park, almost every town has a Verdin Clock near it's center. Still looking for some (North College Hill/College Hill? and any information about these clocks would be greatly appreciated.)

A Clock Designed for the People Who Live There.

Every municipality in Cincinnati has a Verdin Clock of it's own town's design. I do not know who designed the clocks, if they were requested to look like someting from someone at each city department or did Verdin create the individual designs themselves? Each clock unique like the culture of Cincinnati's municipalities and history are.

Click Here to See the Verdin Town Clock Gallery

Here are a couple for your enjoy. Feel free to use images with live link back to this article. These clocks are in fact community property if purchased by the City of Cincinnati. ;)

Sycamore St. Pendleton near OTR, Cincinnati, OH. Near 1219 Cogswell Building.


The Motch in Covington, Ky. Way down the street you may be able to make out the Richs Gruen Watches sign!


But of Course, The Hyde Park Verdin Clock. Adorned with flowers. Truly Lovely.


As a child growing up in Cincinnati our family dentist was in Hyde Park and I can always spot it because they have a Verdin clock in front of the business. You never forget a place like that.

Although I do not have an image of that dentist's private clock, here are a couple of private Verdin Clocks in Cincinnati, OH.

The University Club's four faced elegantly branded clock on 4th. UC-Clock-cincinnati-verdin.jpg

St. Ursula Academy for girls, E. McMillan St. Cincinnati, OH.


Theres the Factory!

Then I see the Clocks. Inside the shop off Eastern Ave. Once can see the bells and clocks that they are working on when the door is open or through the windows you notice and watch every time you pass. I want to tour that place; especially now as they work to Restore The Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock.

Verdin is Restoring The Union Terminal Clock

The Union Terminal Clock is an Art Deco Masterpiece. Of course, all art deco ar masterpieces ~ One second. Take a look. This is the Union Terminal.

union-terminal 700x254.jpg

Cleaning the clock although is probably old family secrete stuff in of itself the real trick in cleaning a clock that has been sitting outside in the weather a hundred feet in the air dismantling the clock parts and moving that to a place where they can be cleaned. Numbered correclty for an efficient and affective ReAssembling.

Here is a stil from the video of Verdin dissasembling the clock. Featured in a larger video for only seconds. See the full video here:


I can not wait to see the restored Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock! In East Walnut Hills the St. Francis Church steeple clock dials were restored. Look at the difference!

St. Francis Church, Woodburn Ave. East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH. BEFORE:


Then the clock came back together looking like the dial was replaced with something white. Bright. Then you realize, it was only cleaned!! Wow.


I do not know if Verdin restored the St. Francis Church tower's 4 dials and hands. IF you know please let us know.

Verdin is an amazing company to have here in town and one of the olders still living buisnesses in the County. 176 years.